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Birth Parent Testimonials

The staff at Ray’s office has worked with all kinds of adoptions. They will compassionately assist you throughout the adoption process, helping with such things as living expenses, shopping for groceries, and providing moral support before, during, and after your pregnancy, as well as referring you for counseling if you so desire.

A Birth Mother’s Story

“Dear Adoptive Parents,

I am so happy for you guys. I am so glad that my Stephen* has such a great family. We are so thankful to have met you and are blessed that our baby could have the life that we always wanted for him. We love you guys and love Stephen with all of our hearts. We want nothing but the best for you all. LOVE YOU GUYS!”

*Names changed for confidentiality

Jessica’s Story

“During the first phone call I made, I talked directly to Ray and scheduled an appointment. I was nervous when I walked into his office because of the unknown, but everyone there was so kind and so friendly. I had many questions, and every one of my questions was answered with care and compassion.

“Ray set up meetings with two different couples for me to choose from. When I met the couple that eventually adopted my child I knew that they were the ones. I had been told that I would “just know,” and I did. The adoptive couple that I chose is the most wonderful family I could have ever asked for. I will always know that my child is in the most loving home he could have; I have Ray and his staff to thank for that!

“It is a very difficult decision to place your child for adoption, but Ray and his staff make it so much easier.”

Erin’s Story

“I would like to thank you to everyone in your office for helping me with everything. I would also like to thank you for finding such a great and loving family for my son. Please let them know that I am very sorry for the stress that they endure with him being in the hospital.”

Sally’s Story

“Dear Ray,

“Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. Thank you for picking the best couple (mommy and daddy) that there is. I sleep peacefully every night because I know my baby is in good hands. I only hope we can keep in contact throughout our lives.

“As for me, I’m still at a big turning point in my life. I have a long road ahead of me, and I pray every night that God helps me make the right choices.

“Again, thank you, Ray, for coming into my life. You have truly changed my life, for the better. And my baby’s. You have no idea how much you mean to me. Thank you for your time.”

Sam’s Story

“Dear Adoptive Parents,

“Thank you very much for the pictures of your son. He looks very happy and healthy. I do wish your family the best. You have no worries from me — I’m not trying to break your family apart. I just wanted to know he’s happy and safe. I made a decision, and God is watching over and going to protect Joey and your family. He looks a lot like his sister. I wish him a happy early birthday. He’s almost 1! I hope Joey brings you a lot of joy over the years. It’s hard on this end. I did what’s best for Joey. I don’t think I could ever provide for him the way I should. Maybe over the years I could receive more pictures. I bring myself to tears writing this and thinking about him. The pictures make me happy knowing he’s safe and your family was willing to share them with me. I thank you very much for providing for Joey and loving him. I only wish the best for your family. God bless and take care!”

A Birth Father’s Story

“Dear Adoptive Parents,

“I’m glad she went to you guys! … I’m glad she’s with a family that will treat her good… Thank you so very much and please take very good care of her!”

Steve’s Story

“In all the commotion and picture taking after the hearing I didn’t get a chance to thank Ray for all he has done and to compliment him [and the staff] on how smoothly this process has gone. In what could have been a very stressful situation — from the delivery to their stay in Indiana to the final hearing — Ray [and the office staff] has given Phil and Susan the support needed and made each step as stress-free as possible. Please pass this along to Ray (I can’t locate his direct email address) and thank him for the professional way Layne’s adoption has been handled. I will certainly refer him to anyone I run into who is in need of his service.”