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Adoption Myths

If you are a prospective adoptive parent in sincere pursuit of a child to add to your heart and home, don’t allow the many myths and misconceptions surrounding the adoption process to stand in your way.

At the Greenville, South Carolina, Law Office of Raymond W. Godwin, Attorney at Law, we help you get past those discouraging myths and become even more determined to make your dream of a newborn domestic adoption or foster care adoption a reality. Since the joy of successful adoption entered the life of our law firm’s founder and family in the 1980s, we have dedicated our practice to helping determined and deserving families throughout the state build their families through adoption.

In over 30 years of service to people just like you, we’ve helped pave the way to happiness for more than 2,500 sets of adoptive parents. We give you facts and adoption information, not misperceptions, plus comprehensive legal knowledge of the process and a level of availability to you that’s second to none.

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The Miracle and Myths of Adoption

Among the major adoption myths that sometimes discourage birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents to the point that they halt their search are:

  • The adoption process takes two to four years for the placement of a child in a home. In fact, most of our adoptive couples are referred to a birth mother in less than a year and once the baby is placed in the adoptive couple’s home the adoption is finalized in court within about five months.
  • All adoptions are open after placement. In fact, the great majority of our adoptions are semi-open, not completely open.
  • We need to be financially set and Ivy League-educated in order to impress most birth mothers. Not at all – shared goals for the child to be born and shared value systems are most important.
  • Birth mothers are despised by their adopted children. Adopted children eventually come to realize and appreciate their birth mothers’ sacrifice.
  • Adopted children are not well-adjusted. Questions about their origins don’t prevent adopted children from leading lives of confidence and contentment.

Building Families Through Adoption

Of course, both birth mothers and adoptive couples alike have concerns before deciding to place a child for adoption or seeking one out to adopt; fears and insecurities over adoption myths are not unusual. But they can be overcome in time with the assistance of our experienced office– over the past thirty years we have seen over 2,500 adoptions through to completion.

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