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How to prepare a child for adoption

As a first-time adoptive parent in South Carolina, you may have everything you need in terms of personal preparation. You have read all the books, talked to experts and prepared your home for its newest member. On the adopted child's end, however, things could look very different.

Adoption into a new family can change a child's life for the better. The transition, however, can be traumatic. There are steps you and your family can take to make the experience easier for an adopted child.

Birth fathers and South Carolina adoptions

Both families who wish to adopt and prospective birth mothers often have questions about the role the birth father potentially plays in the process. Without following the proper procedures, there is a risk that the birth father will later appear and contest the adoption, which could be a traumatic scenario for the adoptive parents as well as the child.

If you are in the process of arranging an adoption, do not rely on the birth mother to take care of dealing with the father. This can be a difficult situation that she may lack the knowledge or capability to handle. Instead, provide appropriate support to her and work with your attorney to ensure proper follow-through of the process.

Are you eligible for adoption assistance?

You may be eligible for a variety of South Carolina adoption assistance programs if you choose to adopt a special needs child currently in foster care and available for adoptive placement. The South Carolina Department of Social Services oversees all of these programs and determines which adoptive children and families qualify for the various types of assistance on a case-by-case basis.

Eligible children must meet one or more of the following special needs criteria:

  • African American or blended racial heritage age 6 or older
  • Caucasian age 10 or older
  • Member of a sibling group, one of whom is a special needs child
  • Has a physical, mental or emotional disability
  • At risk of developing a physical, mental or emotional disability prior to adoption

Why is grandparent adoption more common nowadays?

Multigenerational family living arrangements are now commonplace across South Carolina and around the country. Economic constraints, like dual-income families unable to afford daycare, and higher costs of living are a big driving force behind this development, as are:

  • The trend of parents going back to school later in life to further their career prospects
  • Couples choosing not to marry until older (if at all)
  • One parent being deceased, estranged, incarcerated or addicted

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