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The Costs Of Adoption

The costs associated with adoption vary greatly and depend on individual circumstances. If you choose to adopt through a foster program, the cost is typically less. Prospective parents have less discretion in these situations, however.

For those seeking to work directly with a birth mother, the costs generally range from $10,000 to $30,000—although such estimates may not include considerations such as costs pertaining to home study and travel.

How We Help

The law offices of Raymond W. Godwin offers experienced assistance to birth mothers and prospective parents in all aspects of adoption. Our aim is to help all parties involved as they reach mutually supportive agreements. Based in Greenville, we have facilitated more than 2,500 adoptions throughout South Carolina.

In our state it is customary for adopting parents to pay up to six weeks of the birth mother’s post-partum living expenses for a normal delivery and eight weeks of expenses for a Cesarean delivery.

Other fees associated with adoption include:

  • Attorney’s fees
  • Guardian ad Litem fees
  • Filing fees
  • Background report fees
  • Process server fees
  • Publication fees
  • Agency fees
  • Medical expenses

While there are many considerations to address, our firm will help you simplify the process. We work closely with our clients, help them avoid the common mistakes of adoption, and strive to help build families through adoption. In addition, we can help you identify potential grants to ease the financial burden.

Guidance In A Full Spectrum Of Adoption Matters

If you would like to speak with a lawyer, please reach out to our office. You can call us at 864-241-2883 or arrange an appointment online. Whether you are a birth mother considering adoption, or prospective parents seeking to expand your family, we are ready to assist.