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Adopting Older And Special Needs Kids

Every child deserves a safe, supportive home. That is one of the foundational premises of adoption and one that is important to realize. Children with special needs and circumstances — be they physical, emotional or age-related — are especially crucial to place. They are often survivors of loss or neglect, and have great need of a loving family.

Children with special needs have to wait an average of four years to find a foster home. Adoption is a crucial means by which children can be matched with families more quickly. Attorney Raymond Godwin is adept at facilitating adoptions of special needs and hard-to-place children. With offices in Greenville, he has helped families throughout South Carolina for more than 30 years.

Children With Special Needs

Children with mental and medical frailties may be victims of abuse. At other times, birth parents recognize that a child requires the support of an additional family. Potential adoptive parents must be well informed before they bring a child into their home — there are special considerations with regard to the child’s past exposure to substances, violence and medical conditions. Ray meets with his prospective clients personally, and makes sure they are aware of their responsibilities and obligations when they undertake to adopt.

Families adopting special needs children often receive adoption assistance program benefits, which include monthly payments, Medicaid for the child’s care and reimbursement for certain expenses. Families may also be eligible for significant tax benefits and other subsidies not available to other forms of adoption. It is important to consult with a lawyer to understand whether you qualify for these tax exemptions, and to determine how best to use them.

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Adopting Older Children

While most people associate adoption with infants, a great number of older children and teenagers await adoptive families. Many of these children have spent years in the foster system, faced multiple moves, endured losses and in some cases have been separated from siblings. Like anyone, they benefit from the stability and sense of belonging that a family enables — indeed, adoption is understood as a potent means to prevent such children from falling into danger later in life.

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Adoption Can Benefit You, Too

All manner of individuals can adopt. Adoptive parents may have never had children, or they may be empty-nesters. They may have children in their home already, and simply want to expand their family.

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