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4 signs your adoption lawyer may not be a good fit

Like many of your friends and family members, you probably do not have much experience working with lawyers. That is usually a good thing, as it means that you have had few legal headaches in your life. Nonetheless, because adoption can be a difficult and time-consuming process, collaborating with a competent attorney is usually a good idea. 

Adoption matters are often full of highs and lows. A steady lawyer can guide you through the process and help you make proactive decisions. Unfortunately, though, not all attorneys are a good fit for every client. Here are four signs that your adoption lawyer may not be the right one for your situation: 

1. A lack of empathy 

Adoption cases can be both emotional and stressful. While your lawyer need not be a therapist or close personal friend, he or she should empathize with your situation. Furthermore, your attorney should be able to help you find the psychological support you need to navigate the adoption process. 

2. Poor communication 

Your adoption case may move slowly, with many months passing between milestone events. Nonetheless, you should not have trouble obtaining an update from your lawyer. You also should not have to wait weeks before speaking to your attorney. On the contrary, your representative should clearly and regularly communicate with you. 

3. Legal errors 

Many legal matters are time-sensitive. If your attorney misses deadlines, you may not have effective representation. Additionally, while no one is perfect, your lawyer should usually not make major mistakes. Instead, he or she should understand the law and zealously advocate for you. 

4. Strange billing 

Finally, your adoption attorney should explain the firm’s fee structure to you. He or she should also give you a detailed breakdown of expenses. While you do not mind paying for good representation, you should not have to put up with strange billing. 

If you are going through the adoption process, it may consume much of your mental and emotional energy. Luckily, a good attorney can likely help you reach an acceptable outcome. By understanding when an attorney may not be right for you, you can better advocate for your legal interests.