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3 challenges parents considering adoption often face

Deciding to open your hearts and home to an adoptive child in Greenville is one of the biggest and most rewarding decisions you could ever make. Though you are not certain about what is necessary to complete the process, you are willing to do whatever it takes to adopt a child into your family. 

Adoptions are not always easy. Sometimes, the process can take longer than expected. Take some time to learn about a few challenges that often occur during the adoption process so you can take measures to prepare and avoid them. 


Adoptions are not cheap. Depending on the type of adoption you choose and the age of the child involved, you should have a fair amount of money set aside. If you are doing an open adoption, you may not need as much money. Private adoptions generally cost more. Keep in mind there are legal fees and other expenses involved that you might not be aware of. 

Child’s medical needs 

There is the possibility that the child you plan to adopt has medical issues that may not be apparent or on file with the adoption agency you decide to go through. The child may also be at risk of developing medical problems later on that health insurance may not cover. Most adoption agencies are thorough when documenting the health histories of the kids they represent. Sometimes, information is not available because there is restricted access to their medical records or it is simply not available. You should prepare your emotions and finances so you are in a better position to handle caring for your adoptive child if he or she ends up with a medical condition. 

The wait 

One of the biggest challenges you may encounter is the wait. It takes time for potential adoptive parents to become qualified. According to, there are background checks, fingerprints, paperwork and other processes involved. Once you complete the requirements, you might still end up waiting weeks, months and even years before a child matches with your family. Until you receive the go-ahead to adopt, you should continue doing everything necessary to maintain your eligibility. 

Adoption is not always easy. The process is often full of challenges that some people find it difficult to overcome. You might want to consider speaking with an attorney for guidance on the matter.