Perhaps the first thought that comes to mind when considering adoption is adopting a newborn or infant. The decision to adopt a newborn brings with it many questions about how to begin the process or where to turn for help. Attorney Raymond Godwin has been working with newborn and infant adoptions for more than 20 years.

We have helped couples wishing to grow their families and those facing infertility issues successfully adopt through our office. Although the many fears and uncertainties surrounding the adoption process can be discouraging, our office guides you past the myths about adoption by giving honest and realistic assessments of your chances for success. In addition, Ray Godwin understands what you are facing because he adopted two baby girls in the 1980s.

When you're ready to discuss the role of adoption in your family's life, contact us. We will answer your questions regarding the adoption process and help you build your family through adoption.

We Believe in the Miracle of Infant Adoption

From a statistics standpoint, 90% of all domestic adoptions in South Carolina and in the greater United States involve newborns or infants. The majority of these newborn adoptions come from single birth mothers where the birth father is actively involved in only a third of those cases. Most birth mothers are between the ages of 16 and 26 years old, whereas those seeking to adopt range in age from 32 to 50 years old.

On occasion, adoptive couples will come to our office with a birth mother in mind - perhaps through an acquaintance or even someone within their family. More commonly, however, couples adopt children through birth mothers who have contacted our office directly or through an adoption professional who has recommended us. Most couples adopting through our office are able to obtain a child within one year.

We work hard to make each adoption plan a "win-win" for adoptive couples and birth mothers. Our reputation for friendliness, our legal experience, and completion of more than 2,000 adoptions will help guide you through the newborn adoption process.

Building Families Through Infant Adoption

Former adoption clients view our services as a viable alternative to the private adoption agencies that no longer play a major role in our state. We often complete infant adoptions in roughly half the time normally taken by an out-of-state agency. As a result, many clients retain our services for a second or third adoption situation.

We encourage to see for yourself how our years of experience and understanding of the adoption process will give you peace of mind as you pursue the miracle of adoption.

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For more than 20 years, the office of Raymond W. Godwin, Attorney at Law has focused in newborn adoptions. Let our experience and understanding of your situation begin building your family through adoption.

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