If you are currently a foster parent, it is likely the child or children you are fostering will become available for adoption. You may be anxious or uncertain about how the legal process of adoption will begin and how soon it can be completed.

Our firm has been representing adoptive clients in foster care adoption matters for more than 20 years. Attorney Raymond Godwin's former experience as a contract attorney for the Department of Social Services and his involvement in many state and foster adoption cases give him the legal knowledge you need to complete your adoption. In addition, his role as an adoptive father gives him a special understanding of the uncertainties you may be facing in your adoption.

We encourage you to contact our office to arrange an initial consultation if you have questions about or are preparing to adopt your foster children.

The Miracle of Foster Care Adoption

Foster care adoptions can be a sensitive subject, especially considering common misunderstandings surrounding foster care. Many people automatically assume that foster care children have somehow been damaged or abused. Although children may have come from abusive homes, there are many other factors involved in foster placement.

As you consider pursuing a foster care adoption, be aware of the many challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead. Your time, devotion and financial commitment may also include a variety of emotional or psychological issues that will have to be understood and handled properly. Children can experience emotional or psychological complications for many different reasons, including complications from their previous upbringing, living conditions or behavior that may have originally sent him or her to foster care.

Another issue to consider is the child's transition to a different family structure. This period of adjustment could require additional counseling of some sort for everyone involved, young and old. Children already living in the home may also have trouble adjusting to new family members and should be given their fair share of consideration, too.

The bond within foster families is precious and we are dedicated to helping complete foster care adoptions.  We'll do all we can to ensure the child stays in a loving home. We will help you move forward with your adoption, from introducing you to the legal process to terminating parental rights.

Building Families Through Foster Care Adoption

Your unique foster care situation will present questions that we are prepared to handle. Our years of experience and completion of more than 2,000 adoptions will help calm your fears and guide you along the path of foster care adoption. We will do our best to promptly process the necessary legal documents and calm your fears or concerns regarding the adoption process.

We invite you to learn more about  building families through adoption by speaking with our office or requesting a meeting with Attorney Raymond Godwin.

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The office of Raymond W. Godwin, Attorney at Law will help you take the first step toward a successful foster care adoption. Our belief in the miracle of adoption will calm your fears about the foster care adoption you are considering.

Contact us today by phone, fax or e-mail to schedule your initial consultation with Ray Godwin. We will handle your unique situation with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

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