Perhaps you are considering adoption but are unsure where to start; you may be thinking about adopting a child but are now frightened by the many myths and misunderstandings surrounding the adoption process. You may be searching for clear, authoritative answers to help you make a decision about adoption.

Our office has been helping couples overcome the often discouraging myths surrounding the adoption process for more than 20 years. Having adopted two daughters of his own, Attorney Raymond Godwin has overcome similar adoption myths himself. As an adoptive father, Raymond Godwin is able to offer a unique perspective on the adoption process.

If you would like some more information surrounding the adoption process or would like to discuss your adoption fears with Attorney Ray Godwin, we invite you to contact our office.

The Miracle and Myths of Adoption

We realize that adoption presents many different opinions and levels of understanding. As adoption professionals, we work hard to dispel misconceptions surrounding the adoption process. Below you'll find common adoption myths that sometimes discourage birth mothers and prospective adoptive parents from their decision to adopt - you may have even heard them yourself. We encourage you to discover the truth about adoption.

  • The adoption process takes two to four years for placement of a child in a home.
  • We need to be financially set and Ivy League-educated in order to impress most birth mothers in the selection of adoptive parents.
  • All adoptions are openafter placement.
  • Adoptive parents are abusive.
  • Birth mothers are despised by their adopted children.
  • Adopted children are not well-adjusted.
  • Questions about their origins don't prevent adopted children from leading lives of confidence and contentment.

To help dispel some of the uncertainties you may face during the adoption process, Ray co-wrote The Complete Adoption Book . This authoritative guide to adoption combines Ray and Laura's unique perspective as adoptive parents with their experience as adoption professionals.

Building Families Through Adoption

The uncertainties surrounding each adoption situation present many challenges that our office is prepared to handle. Our experience with more than 2,000 successful adoptions will help dispel the myths that could discourage you from building your family through adoption.

We encourage you to see how our years of experience and personal understanding of the adoption process can prepare you to move forward with your adoption decision.

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The office of Raymond W. Godwin, Attorney at Law, will help you take the first step toward a successful adoption. Our belief in the miracle of adoption will assuage your fears about the adoption plan you may be considering. We commit to providing you with clear facts and information about the adoption process.

Contact us today by phone, fax, or e-mail to arrange your initial consultation with Ray Godwin. We will handle your unique situation with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

Adopted children eventually come to realize and appreciate their natural mothers' sacrifice.

Studies continue to show that adoptive parents are significantly less likely to mistreat children than biological parents.

Though many birth mothers choose not to reveal themselves to the adoptive parents, you will have the ultimate choice of the amount of contact between your child and the birth mother.

Birth mothers seek adoptive parents that have common backgrounds and value systems.

While waiting several years for a child is not unheard of in other organizations, most of our adoptive couples are matched in less than a year.

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