Nate And Jamie

Nate and Jamie

Basic Information

Husbands first name: Nate
Wife's first name: Jamie
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: 6.5
Number of children: 1

Father Mother
EducationGEDHS Grad

Your plans for child care arrangements:

Nate work hard & provides for his family so that I can stay at home with our children. If I would ever decide to get a job outside the home we are surrounded by family & friends that would help us to look after our children.

Activities enjoyed together:

We love being outside! We have a boat that we love taking out on the lake. We also love to camp. We enjoy being at our home & spending time together.

Your Birth Mother Letter:

Nate and JamieNate and Jamie

Dear Birth Mom,

What a precious gift that you're carrying! We can't begin to imagine what you're going through and we are in awe at your selfless choice to try and give your baby the best life possible! We believe that children are a gift from God and we are grateful that you are considering us to be your baby's parents. Thank you for taking the time to read about us - hopefully we can give you a small glimpse into our lives!

Hello, our names are Nate & Jamie. We met when we started attending the same church when we were 16 and begin dating when we were 18. We dated for 2.5 years and have now been married for almost 7 years.

After being married for 3 years we were both working several jobs. We had always wanted to travel "out west" because neither of us had ever been. We decided to set a date to travel, sell most of our things, buy an RV and head out. 2 weeks before we were set to leave we were very surprised to find out we were pregnant after trying to conceive for over a year. We decided to continue on with our plans and headed west to go on an adventure. Nate got a job working on a wheat and buffalo farm and we lived out there for almost a year. While out there, God blessed us with a baby girl in 2009. We enjoyed our time out there but we missed our families. We wanted our child to grow up knowing her cousins and grandparents so we made the decision to move back home!

Our families are a huge part of our life! We both have 4 siblings and both sets of parents are still together and have been married for over 30 years. We've both been blessed to grow up in godly families where each one is valued and you look out for each other. We live on the same lane as Jamie's parents and Nate's parents are less than 10 minutes away. All but 2 siblings live local to us too. We get together often with each side of the family for cookouts, Sunday lunch, birthdays & just to be together on the weekends sometimes. Our daughter has always been surrounded with family and friends that have loved on her and have helped look after her. We think that family is very important and we're excited to welcome a new baby into our lives that will also be loved on by so many people!

On any random day you might find Jamie at the library, volunteering with our church, out to lunch with her sisters or just doing random things around the house. Jamie also enjoys restoring antique furniture and hand painting wooden signs. Nate works in construction and can fix just about anything that's broken. He loves to piddle with things around the house. We both love being outside! We live in a very small town and love the country life. We have a long gravel lane and are surrounded by trees on 10 acres. We have a Golden Retriever named Caesar & 2 kitties named Lilly & Daisy. Nate built a beautiful fire pit area and a back deck where we like to sit and relax and have friends over for food and games. We live close to a lake so in the summer that's usually where we'll be in the evenings and on the weekends. We also have love to camp and we go several times a year with our friends or family. We love to cook together and sitting down to a meal is one of our favorite things. We're both very involved in our c hurch that we've been attending for over 10 years. We love to serve others and are trying to teach our daughter that every person is important.

Jamie has been around children all her life. She was an aunt by the time she was 12 and her nephews and nieces have always been a big part of our lives. Nate also grew up around a lot of cousins and children in church. He has always been a natural with kids and they gravitate towards him! There are now 11 grandkids in Jamie's family and 3 in Nate's. Our families are filled with so much love and laughter and we can't wait to bring a new member into our family!

About Nate as told by Jamie:

Nate is a worker. That's the first thing that comes to almost everyone's mind that knows him! He's always got to be moving and doing something. He can build and fix almost anything! I come up with all the crazy ideas and somehow, through my vision, he brings it to life. Nate is really a gentle giant. He looks big and tough but he is one of the kindest people that I know. He would go out of his way for almost anyone and he's usually one of the first ones that people call if they're having vehicle trouble. He's a middle child so he's a peacemaker. He has always taken care of me and he's a wonderful provider for our family! He works hard so that I can stay home and raise our children in our home. He's loyal and trustworthy and I respect him so much for how he conducts himself both in public and when we're alone. He loves me the way that every woman should be loved and I'm proud to be his wife. And I couldn't ask for a better dad for our children. He's one of those dads that has always been involved from day one. Feedings, diaper changing, cleaning up . . . He's an amazing dad to our daughter and I know he would be the same way with another child.

About Jamie as told by Nate:

Jamie is a giver. She always has been and I believe always will. She misses few family birthdays and also loves giving random gifts. She has always been open about her opinion on things and never has a hidden agenda behind her kindness. This is one of the qualities that attracted me to her in the early years of our relationship and I have come to appreciate it more and more. Because she has had nieces and nephews around since she was young, she has become a natural with children. They love her for her fun and energetic attitude towards life but they still respect her authority. She is always involved in something whether it be an outing with our families or a church event. She is an amazing planner and organizer. She worked hard for schedules and stability in the first years of our little girls life and we are seeing the rewards of her efforts every day. Jamie enjoys repurposing old things for decor in our home and has created a warm and loving environment to come home to every day. People that don't know her may wonder how she has so much love to spread around but the health of our family is living proof. The more of her that is needed, the more she blossoms and I know that she would accept, with open arms, another child into our home.

Thank you again for taking the time to read about our lives. We admire and respect you so much for choosing life for your baby and wish you the best in finding the right family. We are honored that you are considering us to be the ones who get to love your baby!

- Nate & Jamie