Martin and Katie
martin and katie beach

Basic Information

Husbands first name: Martin
Wife's first name: Katie
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: 7
Number of children: 1

Father Mother
EducationBS, MS EngineeringBA Elementary, Masters in Education

Your plans for child care arrangements:

Katie is a stay at home mom.

Activities enjoyed together: Above all, we love just spending time together. It can be as simple as hanging out in our backyard or taking a walk to get ice cream together. One of our favorite things to do is to walk or ride to a nearby park or zoo that is about five minutes from our home. In the fall, we love tailgating at football games with family and friends. We like taking small day trips together to the mountains, too. Katie's parents live near the lake, so when it's nice outside we get together with family and spend the day playing on the lake.

Your Birth Mother Letter:

Martin and Katie in England
Martin and Katie in the mountains with child
Martin and Katie house

Dear Birth Mother,

We cannot express how much we appreciate you and your choice to give your child life. Your decision to place your baby for adoption reflects strong Christian values, and we work to live up to these same values. As parents, we know that you want the absolute best for your child - no matter what, we hope this journey brings you peace and your baby the best possible life. Thank you for taking your time to look over our profile, and we hope that this letter will provide you with a glimpse into our lives and help you get to know us better.

We met in college, but we did not begin dating until we both moved to the same city and were connected by mutual friends. We dated for 2 years and have now been married for 7 years. At that time Katie was an elementary school teacher; when our daughter was born, Katie left the classroom to spend every minute possible with our baby and is looking forward to doing the same with our next child. Martin has worked as an engineer for a large company since graduating from college.

We love being outside and doing things together as a family. On a typical day, you might find us at the park or zoo (both within walking distance from our house), or just playing on a swing set in the backyard. We also like cooking good meals and eating them together as a family. Katie worked for 8 years as a teacher, so she enjoys taking our little girl to the library where they pick out books and read together. Martin likes working in the yard or working on his latest project (he loves to build/fix things), and he includes our daughter in those projects wherever possible. On Saturdays in the fall, we get together with family and friends and go to local college football games. We love going to the beach and are blessed to be able to go each summer with our families.

Our families are a very important part of our life. Katie has a large extended family because she has 4 siblings; Martin has a much smaller family, and both families are wonderful. Much of Katie's family lives nearby, so we get together for Sunday dinners and see them on a regular basis. Martin's family lives a few hours away, but we still see them often. We are very fortunate to have such a strong support network, and we are excited that our baby will have many grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins to love him or her.

We always knew that we wanted to have children in our lives. After struggling with infertility for several years, God blessed us with a little girl. Since she was born, and after struggling even more with a miscarriage and infertility, it became clear that God's plan for growing our family includes adoption, and we are excited to meet the baby that God has planned for us.

We love children... before becoming parents, we were an aunt and uncle to two nephews, and we enjoyed every minute with them. As mentioned above, Katie was an elementary school teacher, so she has always loved being around kids. Especially after our struggles with infertility, we realized what a miracle and blessing children are, and we will value every minute that we spend with your baby. We look forward to loving them unconditionally, teaching them, playing with them, supporting them, and helping them achieve their goals and dreams.

No matter what you decide, we admire and respect you and wish you all the best in finding the right family for your baby. We both pray for your peace, faith, and guidance during this time. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for considering us to love your child.


Martin & Katie

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