Kristin and Jenkins

Kristin and Jenkins
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Basic Information

Husbands first name: Jenkins
Wife's first name: Kristin
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: 5
Number of children: 1

Father Mother
EducationBA in HistoryBA in Communication

Plans for childcare: Kristin is a stay at home mom.

Activities enjoyed together: Spending time with friends and family, traveling and working in the yard. We especially enjoy weekends at home - playing with our daughter, working on projects around the house, going for walks and cooking dinner with friends. We also spend a lot of time at the coast with family and look forward to big family holidays and summer trips. Jenkins is an avid outdoorsman and likes to backpack in the mountains and Kristin enjoys reading, gardening and interior design.

Your Birth Mother Letter:

Kristin's and Jenkins's FamilyKristin's and Jenkins's Home

Dear Birthmother,

Thank you so much for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you and tell you about our desire to grow our family. We deeply admire your courage and strength in choosing to give your child the most precious gift – the gift of life, love and family.

We have been married for five years. When we married, we tried to start a family right away. After struggling with infertility, we realized that God had a different plan for how our family was to grow - through the miracle of adoption. Once we made this realization, we instantly knew it was the right path for us, and our daughter came to us through adoption in 2013. Now, we're very excited to welcome another precious child to our family.

We both grew up in the Carolinas and have large, supportive families nearby that we are very close to. We enjoy spending time in the mountains and on the coast, and also love to travel and visit other cities and countries. But right now, our focus is at home as we raise our little growing family. Our daughter, Elizabeth, is a sweet little girl who loves to sing songs, color and play with other children. She can't wait to be a big sister!

Jenkins is a partner in a commercial development firm and Kristin is a stay at home mom. Our daughter attends preschool at a wonderful church near our home. We both are very focused on our family and providing the love and support, both emotionally and financially, that your child will need to pursue his or her dreams. We have a warm and loving home, live near excellent schools and in a town filled with opportunity. And your child will always know of your infinite love and courage and the gift you gave us – the miracle and joy of a family. We are so deeply grateful, and whether you select us or not, hope you know that we will forever be in awe of your courage and love.

We hope and pray that as you learn more about us, you will choose to entrust us with your special gift. Thank you so much for considering us.

Kristin and Jenkins