Basic Information

Location: Maryland
Number of years married: 12
Other Children: 4

EducationAssociate's Degree in Criminal JusticeMaster's Degree in Educational Leadership

Child Care Arrangements: Stephanie only works part-time during the school year, and is off in the summers. We have a wonderful nanny who comes to our home each day for 4 hours a day to watch our youngest, who is not yet in school. The others are in school when she is here. Since Stephanie teaches and has part-time hours, she is able to put the kids on the bus and get them off the bus. She is also off during the summer, school breaks, and holiday breaks. It is a perfect schedule! Kevin works close to home, so he is able to eat breakfast with the family and is home in time for dinner.

Activities Enjoyed Together: We enjoy any activity that our family can do together - walks, the kids' activities, bike rides, vacations, Friday night movie night, church activities, and dinners together. Our lives are dedicated and structured around our children. We have always dreamed of a large family, and do not yet feel our family is complete. We pray that our family will be blessed with a baby.

A Letter From Kevin and Stephanie

Dear Birth Mother,

We admire you for your choice to give life to your child. Pregnancy and birth can be such a difficult time, and you are so brave and kind to be looking into adoption as a gift for the baby.

My husband, Kevin, and I have always dreamed of having a large family. Let us share some of our story with you. I, Stephanie, am the oldest of six children and grew up knowing that I wanted to be a mom. I am patient, loving, and fun. I enjoy learning and have my master's degree. However, being a mom is what makes me the happiest. Kevin was an only child, and grew up wishing he had siblings to play with. Kevin is loving, funny, and athletic. He works hard to support our family and wants to give our children the best life possible. When we dated in our early 20's, we always talked about having children. We celebrated our 12-year anniversary in March 2011. Kevin and I work hard to protect, strengthen, and build our marriage.

I am a teacher and work part-time. I teach special education and work with high school students who have difficulties learning, focusing, or behaving correctly in school. I also teach Sunday School at church and volunteer on the school PTA. For fun, I enjoy walking, exercising, and being outdoors. I also enjoy baking, especially with the kids. Kevin works as a service writer in a car dealership. He works full time, but comes home in time for a family dinner each night. For fun, Kevin enjoys every sport, especially volleyball, softball, and golf. Kevin is a wonderful protector, and I am a wonderful nurturer. Together, we make a great team!

Right away after we married, we started trying to have children. We have been blessed to have four healthy daughters, (ages 11, 10, 8, and 4). I had to have c-sections, so after my fourth c-section, my doctor advised me to have my tubes tied due to a placental abruption that caused me to nearly lose my life and the baby's life. I know that I cannot safely continue to have children on my own, but we are not done building our family. Kevin and I desire to have another child. We adore our girls, and they are our purpose for waking each day, but we feel our family is not yet done growing. Our daughters ask us when we are having another baby. They love babies, love being big sisters, and want us to have another child. A gift of a little baby into our family would be a blessing. Each child in our family is given attention and individual time. Just as important, we enjoy our time together as a family. This baby would grow up with four big sisters watching out for him or her. Our daughters protect and care for each other, and would always look out for their baby sibling. Our goal in raising our family is to help them be happy, healthy, self-confident, and close to each other. They will always have each other to lean on throughout their lives.

We live in a beautiful, brick home in a neighborhood on a golf course. Our backyard overlooks hole #14. There are tons of children in our neighborhood. Children ride their bikes, skateboard, or walk to each other's houses. We spend a lot of time at our neighborhood pool and tennis court, especially in the summers since I do not work when school is not in session.

Family is very important to us, and everything we do centers around the well-being of the family. My parents have a condo at the beach and have a boat. We go there each summer, sometimes with them and sometimes just with our children. When we are at the beach, we love to swim, go on the beach, go miniature golfing, and go to the amusement parks. We love to take the kids to fun restaurants, and enjoy eating ice cream after dinner! We also go to a local amusement park each winter, and stay in a hotel that is close by. During our "normal" lives when we are not on vacation, our family goes to see movies, play family game on "game night" (Friday nights), take walks around the neighborhood while the kids ride their bikes or scooters, and go to see each other during sporting events. We also enjoy going to church as a family. I teach Sunday School one week per month, and also work in the nursery one week per month. We attend church services weekly, and pray together as a family. On birthdays, each child gets to select where she wants her birthday party. We have done just about everything: pool parties, gymnastics parties, Little Gym, My Gym, Adventure Park, or moonbounce parties. Kevin and I also have a special "date" night with the birthday child where mom, dad, and birthday child go out to dinner and then go shopping for birthday gifts of the child's choosing. It is a wonderful tradition, and one that everyone enjoys. We would love to be able to take our youngest child out for his or her birthday each year! Kevin and I dream of the day our family with 5 children may become a reality.

Our extended family is a huge part of our lives. My sisters are in their mid-20's and love being aunts! They spoil their nieces and nephews, as aunts often do! Two of my brothers live close too, and each of them has a son. Their boys are now 3 and 2-1/2. Adding another little child to our family would be amazing! He or she would have two little cousins, along with big sisters, to run around and play with when our family gets together. We are very blessed to have such wonderful extended families.

Growing up with siblings is such an important part of life. Siblings allow children to learn sharing, loving, and helping. He or she will be loved, embraced, protected, and given opportunities to reach her full potential. We hope to share our love with another little baby. The child will grow up with the love of a mother, father, and sisters. He or she will grow up to be strong, healthy, smart, and skilled. This baby will grow up confident and happy. This child will grow up knowing how much he or she is loved. With your blessing, we would love to welcome this little baby into our hearts and our lives.

With love and respect,
Stephanie and Kevin

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