Joshua and Melissa

Basic Information

Husbands first name: Joshua
Wife's first name: Melissa
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: 8 1/2
Number of other children:3

Adoptive Father Adoptive Mother
EducationAssociates Degree (Marketing)Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN)

Your plans for child care arrangements: After some time off of work with the Child, She will go to the same child care provider that kept Our 3 boys. (3 days per week). Monday she will be with her Grandmother, and Melissa is off on Friday.

Activities Enjoyed Together: Spending time as Family and taking trips and vacations. Frequent trips to the Zoo and Drive in movie theater. Regularly Attend College Football and Baseball games. Go to the mountains and beach multiple times a year. The Children play organized baseball, and Josh Coaches. Frequent dinner nights out with the family together as well with other families.

Your Birth Mother Letter:

Joshua and Melissa
Joshua and Melissa Family
Joshua and Melissa Home
Joshua and Melissa Baby Room

Dear Birth Mother,

We don't yet know you and potentially may never get to, but please know that we already have a great deal of respect for you and the truly selfless decision that you have made.

Josh and I started dating at ages 16 and 14. Today, we are 31 and 30. Throughout our 15 years together, just shy of 9 of them as a married couple, our commitment to one another has never waivered. There have been no interruptions in our relationship since the beginning. Josh and I have always been and will remain one another's best friend. We have built our relationship on a solid foundation of love, friendship and trust.

Josh is a senior sales executive and I am a RN at a pediatric practice. We are fortunate to be at home with our children on the weekends (including Friday). We also have a Family structure that allows us the need for our children to only attend daycare a few days a week. When daycare is needed, Our Daughter will be attending the same provider that our boys attend, and that Josh and I attended when we were children. We teach Sunday school at our Church to 4 and 5 year olds and Josh coaches our middle child's tee ball team. We enjoy spending time with our boys. We love going on family vacations, often to the beach and mountains. We are members at our city zoo and as a result visit there often. We love playing outside, going to college and professional baseball and football games and frequently visit our local drive-in movie theatre.

We started talking about adoption before we were married and even at that point, we thought that adoption could be in our future. We have been blessed with three amazing boys Noah 7, Nathan 5, and Nichols 2. We feel that just as God has blessed us with Noah, Nathan and Nichols, he has a baby girl chosen for us as well. Our boys are very excited to meet their baby sister. They ask questions about her all of the time and aren't shy about telling people of our plans to adopt. Her brothers will make certain that she will be a very protected and loved little girl.

We have always planned for four children, but after 3 c-sections my doctor explained that it could be life threatening to me and to the baby to carry and deliver a fourth child. We knew then that God had planned the wonderful gift of adoption for our family the entire time.

We would like to thank you again for making the selfless decision of adoption and to let you know that, if chosen, we will provide your child with a life that is full of love, happiness and devotion. That said, even if the decision is made to choose another family, Thank You again from the bottom of our hearts for choosing to walk this path.

Best Regards,
Melissa and Joshua

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