JJ and Jeanna

JJ and Jeanna Beasley
jj and jeanna christmas

Basic Information

Husbands first name: JJ
Wife's first name: Jeanna
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: 10
Number of children: 2

Father Mother
EducationBusiness DegreeArt Degree

Your plans for child care arrangements:

We are both self-employed and have an office in our home. The baby will be with us most of the time, but we do have a nanny 12 hours a week.

Activities enjoyed together: We live on the coast, so we are beach bums! In the warm months, you can catch our family out on the beach or in the family boat. Our boys love tubing behind the boat, searching for shark teeth, and riding waves on their boogie boards. We have a pool in our neighborhood, so we enjoy swimming and riding our bikes in the nearby county park. Our town has many museums, plantations, parks, and theater events that we enjoy as a family. Our favorite thing to do as a family is to travel. We take several trips each year, but our favorite trip is always our Disney World trip every fall.

Your Birth Mother Letter:

JJ and Jeanna Beasley at ship with kidsJJ and Jeanna Beasley with mickeyJJ and Jeanna Beasley house

Dear Birthmother,

What a gift you are currently carrying inside of you! We view life as beginning at the moment of conception, and there is no doubt that God has a special plan for your baby girl. No matter what your current circumstances may be, we highly respect your decision to choose LIFE for this child. We do not take your decision on choosing adoptive parents lightly. This must be such a difficult task for you. We have already prayed for your decision. No matter what family you chose, we have prayed it is the perfect choice for your baby.

If you do choose our family for your precious child, please know that she is so very wanted and going to be so very loved. We have two precious boys who talk about having a little sister every single day! Between their births, we lost five babies to early miscarriages. It was a heartbreaking time in our lives, but it led us to opening up our hearts to adoption. We are thrilled to add a little girl to complete our family.

We believe God always redeems difficult situations, and turns something painful into something beautiful. Our beautiful gift will be your little girl joining our family! She will be showered with love, taught the word of God, and will always be told of her amazing birth mother's selfless act. We plan on answering any questions she might have, and keeping the lines of communication open with you, in hopes to guard both her heart and your heart. JJ is a general contractor and has his own construction business. He builds custom homes for several families each year. When not on the construction site, his life is full of recreation and sports. As a former college football player, he loves teaching our two boys how to play football, basketball, and baseball. Growing up on the water, he has a deep love for boating and fishing. He spent last summer teaching our oldest son to surf and waterski.

Jeanna works hard and plays hard! She balances life as a mom of two busy boys and also owns a photography studio. She has a background in dance and pageants, and now does makeup and photography for girls of all ages. She loves making young girls feel special about themselves everyday by mentoring them and encouraging them to build their self esteem. Jeanna loves taking her boys to the movies, to paint pottery, the waterpark, and the local museums.

Our commitment to you:

  • To LOVE your child unconditionally
  • To TEACH her how much God loves her
  • To GIVE her an education and tools to succeed in life
  • To TELL her about you and her adoption story
  • To PROVIDE her with a safe and secure environment>
  • To ENCOURAGE her to chase her dreams

We have two different family members who have also adopted children within the last year. It has been amazing to witness the process so closely two different times already. We love the fact that our daughter will have two cousins who are also adopted!

We would love to met you, and no matter what your decision may be, we will be praying for you and your child in the coming weeks.


JJ and Jeanna