Basic Information

Location: SC
Number of years married:5
Other Children: 0

Father Mother
Race WhiteHispanic/White
Religion LutheranCatholic
Education PhysicianRegistered Nurse

Child Care Arrangements: Sandra has the ability and the desire to be a stay at home mother. Both of our parents enjoy their roles as grandparents currently and are looking forward to more grandchildren.

Activities Enjoyed Together:Einar and I enjoy many activities including tennis, walking, shopping and just hanging out with each other. We spend most of our free time together and mostly just enjoy each other's company. We are excited about bringing our baby home and spending that time with him or her.

Letter From Sandra & Einar

Dear Birthmother,

Our names are Sandra and Einar. We are a young professional couple, and we have always wanted a family. If you choose us to be your baby's adoptive family, he or she will be our first child. This is the most important letter we will ever write, and we are grateful for the opportunity to tell you about ourselves.

We imagine that you have many tough decisions ahead of you. It takesan incredibly brave and unselfish person to realize when a child wouldbe best served by another family. If you choose adoption, we hope you will feel a sense of peace, knowing that your child is thriving and that you made the right decision.

We believe that we can provide the types of things that you might dream of for your baby: a stable and loving home, financial security,opportunities, education, and travel.

We have such a good time together as husband and wife; we honestly don't know a single marriage better than ours! We are always looking forward to spending time together and regret the time apart. We say "I love you" to each other many times a day. We believe that it is very important to be a team, especially when it comes to parenting.

Einar was born in Lafayette, IN while his father was in college. Most people when they hear his name wonder where he where he was born. He was named after his mother's best friend's father, a man she greatly admired. He is the youngest of two brothers, Chris and Alex. He had a loving childhood, growing up on a horse farm outside of Houston, Texas. His parents still own the farm which we enjoy visiting often. Einar is an equestrian and has been riding since he was 4 years old.

Einar is a physician, a gastroenterologist. He just finished his training at Cleveland Clinic and moved here to Greenville to begin his practice. He loves medicine and is passionate of taking care of his patients. Despite being a doctor known for their late hours, he always takes time at home including coming home for lunch on most days for us to spend time together.

I was born slightly further away, in Asuncion Paraguay. Paraguay is a small land locked country in South America. My father is a Marine from Iowa. He was stationed in Paraguay where he met my mother. They soon left Paraguay and moved to the states after my father finished his time with the military. My mother wanted her children to keep a strong bond with Paraguay and thus delivered me in there.

I am the middle daughter of three girls. My sisters are Vanessa (Vanny) and Michelle. We were raised in a bilingual environment and all of us speak Spanish and English. My mother wanted us to keep our ties to Paraguay and had us talk to her and her family in Spanish. We have a loving family and enjoy each other's company. My family still lives within a 2 mile radius in Fort Lauderdale. I am the first to move away due to my husband's work but travel there frequently. We have a second home in Florida and we rent an apartment in Greenville. Our apartment does have a spare bedroom near our room for the baby.

I have devoted the last 10 years to my life to taking care of others as a critical care nurse. That is actually how Einar and I met. We were both working in a hospital in Fort Lauderdale. Einar was in training and I was working in the hospital. We met and soon fell in love. After dating six months, Einar asked me on a trip to Cancun. It was to be our first of many trips to Cancun. The first night, while surprisingly alone on the beach at a major resort, Einar proposed.

When not at work, we both enjoy many activities. Einar is very active and plays tennis and golf. I am more of a home maker and enjoy spending time baking, reading, and relaxing. Our weekends are spent walking and enjoying each others company. We enjoy playing tennis together, shopping together and going on driving trips.

In closing: We believe that we would be good parents. Together, wesee ourselves as a loving couple. We both know that parenting is a tremendous responsibility, and we are at a point in our lives when we are ready to take up this charge. We are both experienced in taking care of others and now want to take care of a child of our own.

As you read this letter, you are wondering if we are the rightparents for your baby. That is a question we cannot answer foryou, but we can promise you that we will spend the rest of our lives loving, teaching and encouraging your baby, that we will raise him or her to be a kind and caring person, and that we will love and treasure your baby every single day of his or her life.

Thank you for reading our letter and for considering us as parents for your child. We hope that we have given you some idea of who we really are and how honored we would be to welcome your child into our family.

With warmest regards,

Sandra & Einar

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