Clint and Greta
Clint and Greta

Basic Information

Husbands first name: Clint
Wife's first name: Greta
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: 14
Number of other children: 0

Father Mother
EducationAssociate's Degree in Civil Engineering TechnologyMaster's in Education

Your plans for child care arrangements: We will both have at least 6 weeks of maternity/paternity leave and can take more time if needed. Once we return to work, Clint's parents, who are also our neighbors, will take care of the child.They are so excited about this opportunity! Greta's parents also live in the same town, and would love to babysit. They often keep Greta's 2 year old nephew (their grandson) and he loves to spend time at Nannie and Paw-Paw's! As a teacher, Greta has summers off, as well as Christmas and Spring break, so she will keep the child at those times. When the child enters school, he/she will go to the school where Greta teaches.

Activities enjoyed together: We love spending time together on the weekends. On Fridays, we usually spend time at home relaxing after a long work week. We often cook out and enjoy watching tv together. Greta loves to shop and Clint takes her on her shopping adventures! He does get to shop at his favorite sports stores too! We enjoy riding the golf cart around our property looking for deer or just enjoying the beauty of nature. We play with our two labs, Champ and Molly. They like riding the golf cart too! We usually go out to eat on Saturday nights and sometimes go see a movie. We look forward to including a child in this. We love children's movies! (We are big kids at heart!).

On Sundays, we go to morning and evening services at our church. We are very involved in our church. Clint works in the church office and Greta teaches an adult Sunday School class. We also teach children's missions classes on Wednesday nights. Greta leads the drama team and Clint helps out by making props and being a stagehand. On Sunday afternoons, time is spent with extended family. We eat lunch with Greta's family after church and spend time playing with our little nephew. We also love to travel together. We enjoy frequent trips to the beach and the mountains. We have also enjoyed going to see the Atlanta Braves play on a few occasions and have enjoyed going to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. One of our favorite trips was when we went to DisneyWorld. Greta's niece and her husband work there and we look forward to more visits in the future especially when our child joins our family!. We enjoy spending time with our family and friends simply having fun and laughing together. We look forward to even more fun and memorable activities when our child joins us!.

Your Birth Mother Letter:

Clint's and Greta's Family
Clint's and Greta's Home
Child Room

Dear Birth Mother,

We would first like to introduce ourselves— We are Clint and Greta. We are so thankful that you have taken the time to read this letter and to consider us to raise your child. We commend you on your decision to give your baby life and to choose adoption for him or her. We are sure that it hasn’t been an easy decision to say the least. You are such a brave and selfless person for choosing to do what is best for your baby. We look forward to telling your baby about you and about what a courageous lady you are. We want your baby to know how much he or she was loved by you. You are the one to give this baby life. God will bless you for your decisions.

About Clint: Clint was raised in a Christian home and lived in the same house until we got married. Clint, his dad, and their friends built the home we live in. Clint’s parents live two houses over from us. His 93 year old grandma lives next door to us. We see them often and many times share meals together. Clint has one sister who lives with her husband and three daughters in a city a few hours away from us. We enjoy spending time with them.

Clint works as a maintenance engineer. Basically what he does is to make sure the roads we travel on are safe. He has been with this job for about 17 years and enjoys what he does. Clint loves the outdoors. He enjoys hunting, especially deer hunting and turkey hunting. He enjoys working in his shop, whether it be repairing things or building something. Clint loves watching sports, especially baseball and football. His favorite teams are the New York Yankees and the Clemson Tigers. He enjoys watching crime investigation shows, Duck Dynasty, and anything on the Outdoor Channel.

About Greta: Greta was raised in a Christian home. She grew up in a small town about 30 minutes from where we live now. Her parents live in this town as well. Greta has two older brothers. Her oldest brother and his wife have two adult daughters. Greta’s other brother lives in the same town as us. He is married and has three grown step-children and a two-year-old son who was adopted at age 3 months. Greta enjoys spending time with all of her nieces and nephews. Her little nephew sometimes spends the night with us. Greta enjoys shopping and going to concerts. She enjoys Christian music, country music, and 80’s and 90’s pop music. Greta adores working with children, which is why she became a teacher. She has taught for 19 years and currently teaches kindergarten. Her passion is teaching students to read. Greta’s favorite tv shows are Wahlburgers and reruns of classic tv shows like Happy Days and Different Strokes.

Our Life Together: We met in January 1999 and married in August 2000. Our plan was to have children a few years later, but we were reminded that God’s plan is not always our plan. We went through infertility treatments and got pregnant twice, both times ending in miscarriages. Seeing and hearing those little heartbeats made us even more certain of our desire to become parents. Through those heartaches, we have grown stronger as individuals and even closer as a couple. Even during this time, we felt that God may be leading us to adopt. It seemed like everywhere we turned, we were hearing about adoption on tv, at conferences, concerts…you name it. After Greta’s brother adopted, it became even more clear. His little boy is such an important part of our life. We could not imagine our family without him. We have always enjoyed spending time with children and feel like we will make great parents. We can provide the child with a stable home life and we will promote the importance of God, family, and education. We have a solid marriage and are financially stable enough to provide for the child that God has for us.

Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us a little better. If there is anything at all that you have questions about, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have already been praying for you and will continue to pray for you in this journey. You are so special to us even though we haven’t met you yet. We pray that God will give you the clarity you need as you make this important decision.

Clint & Greta

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