Chris and Lauren

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Basic Information

Husbands first name: Chris
Wife's first name: Lauren
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: almost 7
Number of other children: none

EducationHigh School DiplomaMaster's Degree
ProfessionEstimator/Project ManagerElementary School Teacher

Your plans for child care arrangements:Lauren will take off 6 to 8 weeks to care for the baby during infancy. When she returns to work, the baby will attend day care. There are many excellent day care centers and preschools in our area, in which our child will be nurtured and cared for, as well as learn and grow socially. As a teacher, Lauren will have the freedom to spend holidays and summertime with our precious little one. We are very close to our family, and they live nearby. Our parents are looking forward to spending lots of time with their grandchild(ren)!

We have fun doing just about anything, as long as we're together! When the weather is nice, we go for afternoon walks with our dog, and we are looking forward to taking the baby along with us. Our family loves football, and we usually go to some of the home games at USC. During baseball season, we watch the Riverdogs play ball at the Joe Riley Stadium. There are lots of activities for kids to enjoy, such as face painting, jump castles, and meeting the team mascot. Every summer, we go camping on the lake, cookout, and shoot fireworks to celebrate Fourth of July with our family. We also enjoy going to the beach, boating, and going to the park. In the fall, we like going to see all of the beautiful leaves in the mountains. We can't wait to make many great memories with our child! We attend church and go to a weekly life group with other couples in our church. Lauren and her mom volunteer in the nursery and teach 2-and 3-year old Sunday School. Family and friends are very important to us, so we spend a lot of time with our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, nephews, cousins, and friends. Our family is so excited about having another precious child to love! We have always wanted children and can't wait to become parents!

Letter From Chris and Lauren

Your Birth Mother Letter: Dear Birth Mother,

Chris Family

Chris and Lauren Family

Chris and Lauren Baby Room

Chris and Lauren Family


We would like to begin by thanking you for taking the time to look over our profile. We deeply admire your strength and courage as you make this difficult decision. Choosing life for your baby is one of the greatest acts of love, and we assure you that your child will know how much love you have for him/her. You are a very special person, and even though we have not met you, we are praying for you in the journey ahead.

It is our wish that this small glimpse into our lives will bring you comfort as you seek to make an adoption plan for your baby. While we do not yet know each other, we already have one thing in common, and that is the desire to give your child the best. Hopefully, after reading this letter and seeing our profile, you will consider us as the right couple to provide a loving, nurturing home for your baby. We promise to love your child unconditionally, always be there for him/her, and do the very best we can as parents.

Chris and I are about to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary, and we've been in a relationship for about 15 years. We are high school sweethearts, and we continue to grow closer and fall more in love with each other everyday. We have wonderful parents who live nearby, and we enjoy spending time with them. Both of us grew up in very loving homes, and we look forward to sharing our love with your child. We have been longing to have a baby for over 5 years, but are unable to, so your child will be miracle from God and an answer to our prayers.

We live in a nice neighborhood with lots of friendly families. Our home is cozy and comfortable, and we can't wait to turn one of our guest bedrooms into a nursery for a baby boy or girl! We have a large backyard where we hope to put a play set and maybe even a pool. Our neighborhood is perfect for walks and bike rides as well. Since we live on the coast, we are only a few minutes away from the beach, parks, museums, and many other fun places for families.

Chris and I enjoy spending time together no matter what we're doing. When the weather is nice, we like to take our dog for a walk or go bike riding. Sometimes, we snuggle up on the couch and watch movies in 3D. Every year, we go to football games and baseball games. In the summer, we camp, cookout, and watch fireworks with family for Fourth of July. In the fall, we go up to the mountains to see the colorful leaves and stay in a cabin. Chris and I also enjoy going on trips to theme parks like Disneyworld, Busch Gardens, and Carowinds. We are looking forward to all of the wonderful times ahead with our child!

Chris is an estimator for a large construction company that builds hospitals, colleges, office buildings, and more. He is funny, smart, easy-going, loving, and generous. He's an honest, hardworking man who always puts his family first. Chris is a skilled carpenter and handy man. He's strong but gentle, a great listener, and he remembers just about everything. Chris enjoys fishing, boating, and riding dirt bikes. He can't wait to have a little one to tag along with him!

I (Lauren) am an elementary school teacher, and I have always loved being around children. I knew that I wanted to be a teacher when I was a little girl, and I couldn't wait to grow up so that I could become a mommy! I love to watch my students grow in knowledge and confidence. Often, my students tell me that I'll be a wonderful mommy, and they can't wait until I adopt a baby. I would describe myself as intelligent, caring, genuine, loving, and thoughtful. Chris also says that sometimes I'm a "goofball"! I enjoy reading books, singing and listening to music, drawing and painting, and shopping for bargains. I look forward to reading and singing to my child, helping him/her create work of art, and shopping for cute outfits!

Chris and I are Christians and attend a non-denominational church. Our church welcomes all people, and their main focus is on sharing the love of Jesus with everyone and serving in the local community. My mom and I volunteer in the nursery and teach the 2-3 year old Sunday School class. The little children are such a joy to be around! Chris and I joined a life group for married couples called Love and Respect. It is great to spend time with other Christian families, and we would love for our child to be a part of our church family.

Again, words cannot express our appreciation for you taking the time to read this. You and your baby are such a blessing to us, and we pray that God will comfort you, guide you, and surround you with His love and peace throughout this difficult journey. We wish you the best no matter what decision you make.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Lauren and Chris