Blake and Kristen

Basic Information

Husbands first name: Blake
Wife's first name: Kristen
State you live in: South Carolina
Number of years married: 4
Number of other children:2

Adoptive Father Adoptive Mother
EducationBachelors in General BusinessMasters in Early Childhood Ed

Your Plans For Child Care Arrangements:Being a stay-at-home-mom is a dream come true for me (Kristen). While I loved teaching, being a mom has become my greatest blessing. We spend our days at the park, library, children’s museum, on play dates or at home. We read, craft, hike, explore. We sing songs and make messes. I am so lucky to have a husband who supports and encourages my desire to stay at home. And the kids are so lucky to have a father who works so hard, but will drop everything to be there for them.

Activities Enjoyed Together:We enjoy being together no matter what we’re doing. Often our favorite times are hanging out on the back porch talking and playing with our boys. We also love to hike, explore, watch movies, enjoy various sports, try out new restaurants, and get together with family. We go to the beach every year and we love Disney World. We look forward to traveling more with our kids when they’re older. We love all those fun holiday traditions, like going to the pumpkin patch, apple-picking, Christmas tree farms, etc.

Your Birth Mother Letter:

Blake and Kristen

Blake and Kristen House

Blake and Kristen House
Blake and Kristen Family
Blake and Kristen Children

Dear Birthmom,

We hope this profile will give you a glimpse into what our lives are like, and the kind of life we would provide for your child. We want you to know how important you are to us, and how important you will be to the little one you are carrying. We are honored you are considering us as adoptive parents for your child. This child would be a great blessing in our lives. We have been married a strong, supportive and fun marriage. We are close to our families, love adventure and solve our problems together by being open and honest.

Blake is an Technology recruiter and Kristen is a former Kindergarten and 1st grade teacher. We live in a beautiful home on a mountain in South Carolina. We have one acre that includes a large wooded area, a fenced in backyard, play set, garden and a pool with a safety cover. We have two young boys. Our oldest is 2.5 and is our biological child. He is a sweet, kind-hearted, and rambunctious. He’s a great big brother: kind, fun, and quick to share or soothe. Our youngest is 10 months old and was adopted at birth. We had a wonderful experience getting to know his birth mother and she will forever be an important part of our lives. He is a happy, content little guy, eager to be a part of whatever is going on, and is very observant.

We have been blessed with these wonderful boys who truly love to be in one another’s company. However there are times they need one-on-one time with mom or dad, and we accommodate that. As parents their individual needs are very important to us. They are brothers, they are a lot alike--but they are individuals too, and can need very different things. We are looking forward to exposing our children--and any other children we welcome into our family--to some of our favorite things as they grow up; such as sports, traveling, food, arts, exploring outdoors, literature, and theater.

We’re also looking forward to seeing what they take an interest in as they grow, and encouraging those interests. We are fortunate to be in a position to support our children in whatever career or educational path they’d like to follow. However, we will instill in them the importance of hard work, perseverance, ambition and some sort of post-high school education or training.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We hope for the best for you, whatever you decide.

Blake and Kristen

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